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Due to COVID-19, the pandemic has caused the entire world to experience an influx in PPE and medication imports. Several of these shipments are being imported from inexperienced shippers that do not have the necessary paperwork for a smooth clearance. Precise constraints around importing PPE and medication must be approved prior to exporting.

Personal Protection Equipment

The following is necessary as well as general shipping requirements needed for PPE:

Face Mask, Gloves, Gowns Etc.
  • Device Listing Number
  • Producer name and address
  • Fabric details
Test Kits & Swabs
  • Producer name and address
  • Device Listing Number
  • Emergency Use Authorization approval number

Individuals importing prescription medications is legal, however restricted to a supply of three-months if each of the following requirements along with general requirements are met:

  • Effective treatment is not already available
  • Documentation from the doctor responsible for treatment confirming that the drug is for personal use and includes the drug name, quantity, dosage and condition being treated
Civil Unrest

Due to recent events in the USA resulting in on-going wide spread unrest and violence, there is possible delays for transportation. Transport companies will remain to try to service all markets but safeguarding the welfare of all employees remains priority.

Many states in the USA have implemented curfews as the unrest is expected to last an uncertain amount of time. Standard checkpoints will be captured to ensure proper visibility shipments.


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