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Integration with Stockwell International

Globalization has encouraged considerable growth in terms of competition. The marketplace is saturated with international freight companies that are vying for dominance in a crowded space. Stockwell International offers superior integration solutions in global logistics that will give you a competitive advantage. We offer a combination of ready-to-go solutions, customized options, as well as a consulting experience to review your organization’s administration from the ground up.

Our core services include:

Interface Integration

Client-specific development that ensures conformity of design and interfaces that synchronize with in-house and external systems using universal XML.

Electronic Data Interchange

Paperless shipment tracking, invoicing as well as real-time container tracking, web-based order entry for warehousing and more.

Tailored Reporting

Our interfacing capabilities allow us to compile detailed reports. If you have specific parameters or variables that you need to monitor, we can tailor our services to meet your operational needs.

Global Positioning Systems

We use modern GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring equipment for optimal security and to proactively manage client KPIs.

Management Systems

An effective Logistic Management System utilizing Warehousing, Transport, Customs and Forwarding, whether it is import or export, Sea or Air, should account for rail cargo, refrigerated consignments, truck deliveries, specialized projects and warehouse operations. You need an integrated and seamless digital infrastructure to coordinate your assets effectively. At Stockwell International, along with our partner CargoWise, we assist you with solutions to streamline your services door-to-door and port-to-port.

Value Adds

Stockwell International’s Client Dashboard offers outstanding end-to-end supply chain visibility adding considerable value to your experience with Stockwell International. Features Include:

Shipment Tracking

Dashboard Control Room

Business Intelligence & Reporting

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