2022 USA Market Update


Following a turbulent and ever-changing environment seen in 2021 and now at the beginning of 2022, Stockwell International wishes to update you on the current USA Market and the ongoing issues being experienced.
Currently, space is required to be booked approximately 8 to 10 weeks in advance. Even with this window, there are still ongoing last-minute shipping line cancellations, rollovers, schedule omissions and delays.
There are also significant issues being faced to gain approval for hazardous shipments. As a result, hazardous cargo from loaded containers has had to be unloaded in order to avoid delays relating to non-hazardous cargo that has been loaded. Due to an increase in shipments, our teams are consistently facing carriers overbooking space resulting in ongoing cancellations and major delays of shipments.  It is frustrating to have space committed and approved to only have it all roll over a day or two before sailing.  It is not unusual at the moment to experience no less than a 2-3 month delay in getting containers out of the USA.  This is all with little to no feedback from the shipping lines.  Getting information is increasingly difficult and what is received doesn’t always answer the questions.
It is not only the port that is impacted either. On the ground, truck driver availability has been impacted due to the rising number of covid-19 cases. This has affected the ability of drivers to either pick up or return containers to the ports. This has had a domino effect on the ports resulting in a shortage of trailers and empty containers for loading.
We understand you are frustrated, after all this impacts your clients as well.  But I please ask for your patience and respect when dealing with Stockwell’s staff.  We are all working tirelessly to try and get goods out where possible, but we are at the mercy of the shipping lines and what is available to us on any given day.  
Stockwell International will endeavor to keep all our clients up to date with all information that becomes available to us. We thank you for your understanding during this period.
General Rate Increase
Effective February 6th, 2022
Cargo from: Bangladesh

– USD $1500 per 20′ Equipment
– USD $3000 per 40′ GP/HC Equipment 

Reefers and SOC & SOT are subject to the announced increase.

For more information please contact your sales representative on 1300 786 468 or [email protected] 

NEWS: Port of Oakland plans pop-up container yard as import surge slows exporters

On Monday the Port of Oakland announced it is opening a 25-acre pop-up container yard outside the facilities to expedite truck turn times and free chassis for exporters. 

According to SupplyChainDive, the port said it sees an even split between the imports and exports it handles. In a press release, the port said the current import surge is “displacing ships and containers that are available to exporters”. Due to its location, this port is a top export gateway for California’s agriculture industry and for refrigerated proteins. 

The port is also taking other measures to create more solutions to facilitate exports. In particular, it called on shipping companies to restore export services at the Port of Oakland in the short term and said it was working on ways to manage container availability in the long term. 

To find out more about this read: https://bit.ly/3HIdsSp

2022 Chinese New Year Reminder

In the lead-up to the Chinese New Year, Stockwell International would like to help you start thinking about production and freight forwarding planning. During the Chinese New Year, factories can close for up to four to five weeks, so it is important to our team that we support you and your business by helping you prepare in the best way. 

Our top tips are: Be prepared and speak with your suppliers to confirm their shutdown dates, including before and after the Chinese New Year. Schedule your orders in advance or develop and forecast your orders well in advance of this period to avoid delays and disappointment. Keep quality at the forefront! Ensure you are working with your suppliers and quality control team in advance to reduce the risk of delays and increased costs due to quality issues. Secure your bookings with your freight forwarders by speaking to your suppliers about booking in early. We strongly recommend booking in now to secure space to meet your requirements. Stockwell International is dedicated to ensuring the most seamless experience during this period and wishes to prepare you as much as possible. If you have any further questions about the Chinese New Year or any other inquiries, please contact our helpful staff at [email protected].

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