Stockwell International Launches Line Haul and Domestic Transport In Australia

Stockwell International has been delivering world-class logistics and freight forwarding for over 49 years and has just launched its new nationwide service offering, line haul and courier services.

Angela Gambell has been with Stockwell for 18 years and is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Australia and New Zealand. She is largely responsible for consulting with and looking after key account clients worldwide.

Angela has been heavily involved in the introduction of the new service and answered questions about what it entails and the benefits it will provide for our clients.

Q: What are the new line haul and courier services?

A: Stockwell has combined our own fleet of heavy vehicles with third-party courier companies to now offer seamless interstate and intrastate services.

“Predominantly, we are renowned for wharf transport but we also want to account for our customers within Australia and offer distribution of products all around Australia,” Angela said.

The new service offering includes:

  • Working closely with third-party courier service providers as well as with Stockwell International’s own trucking fleet to direct freight from various senders to their designated depot locations
  • From their designated depot, depending on the size and weight of the freight, Stockwell’s truck fleet or our third-party couriers will then take the delivery from the depot to the destination where it will be sorted
  • From the sorting facility, the deliveries will then be dispatched to their destination

Q: How will Stockwell International’s new services benefit clients?

A: “Thanks to the combination of our own independent fleet as well as third-party couriers, our clients will benefit from the choice of general or express service as well as cost-saving benefits. There is also a broad spectrum of pick-up and delivery locations throughout Australia and there are no places we don’t go to. We take freight to wind farms and even mine sites.”

One example of a value-add is when freight has been dropped off at one location and now needs to be distributed across Australia. Stockwell now has the capability and dedicated team to get freight where it needs to be whether interstate or intrastate.

“Clients can also make use of our domestic warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle so that when their freight arrives, they can store their inventory in our warehouse. This service is hugely popular with our eCommerce customers.”

Personalized customer service

Beyond value-adding services offered, we take pride in welcoming clients with the highest standards of customer service. Despite being a global company, Stockwell is still family-owned, and Angela’s two sons now work alongside her. If you’re looking for a logistics company that values its customers, join the Stockwell family! Get a free quote online today.

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