Stockwells is 50!

Stockwell International 50th Anniversary!

On the 1st of March 1971 George Bulgin and Brian Stockwell took a leap of faith after working together for many years and started Bulgin & Stockwell. Today known as Stockwell International. 

In 2001 10 years after the death of George Bulgin, Brian made the decision to rebrand to Stockwell International Pty Ltd, which is the name we are still known for today.

Since that time, Stockwell International has become one of Australia’s largest family-owned freight forwarders, the business has expanded our operations to become a leading international freight forwarder specializing in a variety of services including sea and air freight, customs brokerageport transportwarehousing and distribution across 3 separate countries. 

We would like to take a moment to thank you all for being a part of this journey with us.  Since 1971 Stockwells has been nurtured and grown into a business that founder Brian Stockwell has grown extremely proud of over the last 50 years.

“Freight forwarders are the silent background workers of the world, ensuring everyone has everyday essentials.
These individuals include truck drivers, admin and vessel operators who do not always get to take centre stage, but the world would fall apart without.”

Without this incredible team that is Stockwell International 2021, it would have been impossible to grow this family owned business into what it is today. 

The Stockwells brand defines us as a family and unites us globally. Our offering is both diverse and unique for our industry and we stand by our values of delivering exceptional customer service and world class logistics.

Our mission is to continue to provide the highest level of service – whether it is by air, sea, road or rail – that will go beyond satisfying our client’s needs each and every time for the next 50 years. 

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