Our customers want to be more informed and we at Stockwell are embracing this as the new era of our business. We believe that our customers deserve to have as much information at their fingertips as possible.

We are researching and developing new solutions to address the need for instant quotes, schedule planning, interactive booking and deeper integration. The ultimate goal is for us to have a true end-to-end digital solution that provides dynamic prices, real-time shipping line capacity and online sales and booking portals.

We will be working on maximizing efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. Our clients’ expectations are changing along with the market, and we are committed to investing in digital solutions and better rates management and planning. All of these provide a broader solution and are key to our customers’ steady growth.

In times of volatility, it is imperative that clients have real-time rates and shipping information. While we provide this currently, we are expanding this to include volatile pricing movements, space availability and equipment capacity.  In other words, the challenge has shifted from internal information and freight forwarding efficiencies to unlocking better external connectivity and sharing this information with our clients digitally. A price is not a price and a booking is not a booking anymore without understanding the market in real-time.

Our goal is to improve all digital information we currently share and add more value to not only our own partnerships with our clients but to their entire supply chain. Development and research are already underway and we look forward to sharing with our clients along this journey!

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